Akshit Talwar

About me

I built Cryptare, a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management iOS app, that reached Rank 6 on the paid section of the App store.

I worked on Futurecam, a Computational photography iOS app which has modes like Light trail video, Multi-Timelapse, and Long Exposure.

I studied Computer Science at the University of St. Andrews and completed a 4-year course in 3 years.

I primarily code in Swift and Python.

Apart from CS, I am interested in Psychology, Philosophy, and Art.

I share my thoughts and observations frequently on Twitter.

In my free time I like to read, exercise, and spend time in nature.


Cryptare (iOS) - Served 500+ weekly active users at its peak. Built using Swift, Python, and Firebase.

Futurecam (iOS) - Computational Photography app with modes like Long Exposure, Light Trail Video, Timelapse, and 30FPS Burst. Read more.

Dissertation - Script Identification with 97% accuracy of Ancient Hieroglyphs using a Convolutional Neural Network.

Mu - Youtube and Reddit Music web-app built using Angular2.

Flocket - Flying rocket iOS game built using Corona SDK.

ChangeIndiaWithUs - A forum where people can voice their problems and bring about a change in India. Served 1000+ daily active users at its peak.


Check out my Resume here and my code on Github. My Twitter gives a decent idea of what I think about.

Email me at akshitalwar11 at gmail dot com.